The end of Youtube Ads?


In 2015 Youtube announced “Youtube Red” a subscription based video streaming service, possibly created to compete with Amazon Prime and Netflix. For $120 a year users can have an Ad free experience on Youtube as well as access to exclusive content from some of the top Youtubers around.

A number of Youtube channels were unable to agree to the new terms and conditions that came with the change including ESPN who hosted third party sports videos and had to block them from countries using Youtube Red.

The change comes after an increasing number of Youtube viewers using Ad blockers, Youtube hopes that the option to pay for an ad free experience will encourage people to ditch their ad blockers.

As someone who can vividly remember watching Flash animation after Flash animation on badly designed websites before Youtube existed, the change comes with a mark of scepticism. It is likely that Youtube will find a way to prevent users with ad blocker from viewing content at all in future years, many websites already detect ad blocks and have pop-ups or blocks to prevent the users from going any further.

The chances are that in the years to come the choice will be, sit through 2 or 3 adverts on a 10 minute video or pay $120 a year, the days of free internet content appear to be dwindling.

For now though, Youtube Red is only available for Youtube subscribers in the USA.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.40.29

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Three B2B Marketing predictions for 2016


1) Digital Marketing

2016 signals the end of Digital Marketing. Not literally, “digital Marketing” has became and integral part of Marketing as a whole and as such, more and more people are dropping the “digital” and just calling it marketing. Digital Marketing is no longer a niche it is an essential. Knowledgetree and Business2community both discuss the changes to digital media in their 2016 predictions.


2) The Informed Consumer

It’s super easy to be informed about a potential client with a lot of information freely available online, but it is just as easy for them to research you. 2016 is predicted to be the year of the informed consumer/customer. A customer knows you’re after a sale, they’ll look into you and your competition before commit to you so being transparent, honest and straightforward are a good idea for winning a client over.



“Content is still king” says knowledgetree, it was important in 2015 and it continues to be increasingly important in 2016. Having good imagery and video is incredibly important, if you’re trying to sell your business in a wall of text you’re going to struggle, people have increasingly short attention spans and are pressed for time, if they can look at an image that summarises what they were about to read that’s what they’ll do.

However, it’s important to find a balance. 2015 was the first year more people were browsing the internet on their phones over desktops, phones screens are tiny and if they’re not using a wireless connection content can be slow to load, to much content can clutter the screen and slow everything down so it’s important to make sure you haven’t over done it. A 5 second loading time can mean the difference between a new customer or someone leaving your website.

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Marketing trends for 2016


2015 was very much the year of video marketing, live streaming apps such as Meerkat and Periscope were all the rage and Instagram and Vine continued to grow as platforms for it. Hooking in a potential client with a quick snappy auto-playing video has never been easier to achieve. However 2016 looks to be the year of Mobile Marketing.

Having recently read three articles on Entrepreneur all relating to marketing in 2016 it became apparent there was a trend, all of them mentioned mobile marketing, arguably one of them was about mobile marketing on it’s own, but it too showed how big of a deal Mobile marketing is likely to be this year.

The First article “4 Mobile-Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016“ mentions that for the first time in 2015 traffic from mobile users exceeded the number of desktop users. this is a pivotal step for marketing as it clearly shows that mobile marketing shouldn’t be overlooked. the four trends discussed are all about integrating one thing into another, apps including e-commerce and search engines including video marketing along with search results.

The second article “The 5 Most Innovative Trends in E-commerce to Watch for in 2016“ discusses the importance of Mobile shopping. In 2015 there was a surge of “buy now” ads on social media platforms including Tumblr and Instagram, these ads very targeted and can feature items that have been looked at before.


Finally the last article “4 Trends That Will Shape Marketing In 2016” speculates that Digital Marketing and Mobile Marketing will become one in the same in terms of marketing, currently marketing digitally and mobile are still viewed as two different things but that will need to change this year as Mobile traffic continues to grow.

it’s clear that mobile marketing is increasingly important, so how on the ball are you?

[Article 1]

[Article 2]

[Article 3]

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Have you seen spectre?


It would be nearly impossible to forget about the latest in the bond franchisee as the marketing that has been put into it has been phenomenal.

On the 23rd of October I was visiting family and noticed that Skyfall was about to be broadcast on ITV, as all of my family enjoy a good bond film so it was unanimously decided that we should all watch it.

Part way into the film there was an ad break that featured the Spectre trailer, I had expected as much, after all ads are carefully placed in times that would best target their audience, and what better time to put a bond ad on then during a bond film! However, this was merely the tip of the bond iceberg, luring me into a false sense of security. The second ad break started much like the first, with a trailer. When that trailer ended and another ad started it was scenes from the trailer, confused, I started paying attention wondering if someone had perhaps accidentally run the trailer twice.

It was an advert for one of the films sponsors Land Rover, you can see the ad for yourself here: and if you’ve seen the trailer you’ll notice how easy it is to mix them up.


Once the Land Rover trailer ended I expected to see the usual adverts, but once again another bond themed trailer appeared, and then another and another. The  entire ad break was full of bond adverts and products (including the perfume!) If the aim had been to get me to watch all of the adverts it certainly worked, I was so surprised by the number of adverts that I kept waiting for the next one.

It isn’t any wonder why there were so many ads available given the number of sponsors bond films are able to rack up, some of Skyfall’s sponsors include: Coca cola, Sony, Ford, Heineken and more. Some of these brands came back to sponsor Spector, and some of them were new, here’s a list of the sponsors that I could find.

  • Heineken
  • Omega
  • Belvedere vodka
  • Land Rover
  • Aston Martin
  • Bollinger
  • Sony Electronics
  • Gillette

Written by Dani

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Raising money for Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust

Rachel has just (September 27th) completed a challenging obstacle course in Derbyshire. The Wild Warrior X-Runner 10k course features “muddy madness”  Tightropes, Tunnels and more.  She ran with a team from Cerro EMS as they raised money for Acorn’s Children’s hospice trust. Together the current total is over £3000 but Rachel herself raised a respectable £405.

Rachel started the day with a smile on her face and nice warm clean clothes.


The smile stayed but the warm clean clothes had become cold muddy clothes, at least she kept her shoes on!


They all had good fun but let’s not forget that all of this muddy madness was for a good cause. Rachel suggested the team raise money for Acorns Children’s hospice Trust as it is extremely important to her personally. This year Rachel would have been celebrating her niece Louise’s 17th Birthday had she not sadly passed away on the 28th of July 2001, Acorns Children’s Hospice was crucial part of Louise’s care and continues to support many other children and their families. Rachel’s Just giving page is still activity if you would like to donate towards a worth cause.

IMG_1286 IMG_1275

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Google’s sudden rebrand

Just a month after Google announced it would be reorganising it’s businesses (Including Google Ventures, Calico, and the search engine itself) under the umbrella of “Alphabet”, Google decided it was time for a re-brand. After 17 years of using it’s Serif font, it has ditched it in favour of a much simpler, smoother font.


Why now? I immediately assumed it must have something to do with the companies new Alphabet strategy, a visual representation of new things to come perhaps. According to the companies blog post it’s more to do with legibility, and the importance of being able to read and recognise the logo on any size screen. Jack Self of The Guardian believes the re-brand to a sans serif font was also to improve reading speed, comparing the change of font to London Undergrounds iconic font.

Perhaps this sudden and unexpected rebrand is a mixture of all of the above, a premeditated stab at legibility, timed to coincide with the announcement of the new umbrella company.

Either way, I really like the new logo. It’s simple and modern and makes Google look like a younger company, 17 years is a long time for an internet based company to survive.

Let us know what you think!

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5 Things you may not know about LinkedIn

Below are 5 functions of LinkedIn that you may not know about but may find useful.

LinkedIn-5-Key-Fucntions1. Keywords and search phrases
Did you know keywords are ranked higher in fields such as title, skills and name. To improve your ranking on LinkedIn, and in turn improve visibility of your profile, key fields should always be filled with ‘search terms’ relevant to you and your profile.

2. Personalise your URL
You can customise your LinkedIn URL to include your name or other phrases people may use to find you.  Why would you do this?

  • Makes it easier and quicker for people to find you.
  • Looks more appealing and is more memorable than the system default URL you get when you create your profile e.g. if you wanted to include your LinkedIn URL in your email footer.

3. Back-up your contacts
You can back-up your LinkedIn contacts to multiple email applications helping consolidate your entire contact list in one central place and making it easier to manage.  You can also export your contacts list into excel which some people use to reduce the risk of losing information.


4. Sending multiple messages
You can send messages to multiple people at once e.g. you want to ask a group of people their opinion on a new idea but don’t want to share it with all your contacts. Do this by:

  • Clicking on the ‘connections’ link at the top of the screen. 
  • Select the contacts you want to contact by clicking the ‘box’ next to contact (maximum of 50).
  • Now click on the ‘message’ link which can be found at the top of your contact list.
  • Create your message.
  • Now click on the ‘send message’ button and that’s it – you’re done!

5. Turning off activity updates
Useful if your making lots of changes to your profile in one go and don’t want to annoy your contacts by updating them with every single update. You can always turn it back on when you’ve finished. You can find this on your profile page. 


If you have any questions about using LinkedIn, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, feel free to browse our website. At Red Cherry, you’ll discover that we like to focus on real issues that are relevant for businesses everywhere – a refreshing change from the usual sales pitch. So, if there are any topics you would like us to cover or questions you would like us to answer, please do let us know – we’d be delighted to share with you more top tips and much, much more…

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How to use content efficiently: our three top tips

Content-Top-Three-TipsA wise man once said: “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” When it comes to efficient content management, the same principle applies: the most valuable of talents is that of never using multiple pieces of content when a single piece will do.

We share our three top tips for sticking to this principle…

The Technological Revolution has liberated all of us in so many ways and yet it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of online channels for marketing your brand. Whether you’re a technophobe or a technophile, a website, an e-newsletter, and a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – at the very least – are typical ways to raise your company’s profile and ensure it remains relevant to your customers. “That’s at least five online channels requiring regularly updated and engaging content!”, we hear your cry. Well, that’s certainly one way of looking at it, but there are ways to deal with this dilemma that will enable you to get on with delivering your business goals rather than leave you wasting too much time online.

1. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground
Regular sources of fresh content are vital, so train yourself to read and listen efficiently at all times. Can a conversation with a client become a compelling case study? What about that interesting news item you read on your tablet or smartphone on the way to work? Is there anything in it that can be transformed into a piece of thought leadership for your blog? Are you going to any business events in the near future? Can you join the online conversation surrounding these events and turn it to your own advantage? Try to build up a bank of ideas for future content from as many sources as possible and you’ll never be stuck for inspiration for any of your online channels.

2. Reuse and recycle your content
In spite of what you might think, you don’t have to create a brand new piece of content for each individual online channel. Writing one carefully crafted, compelling article a week is worth at least a dozen badly written, boring ones and you can reuse and recycle a month’s worth of weekly articles to produce your monthly e-newsletter. What’s more, having the content already uploaded on your website makes the process of pulling together the e-newsletter very quick indeed. Better still, you can use this content in all your social media updates too.

3. Sign up to a reputable social media management dashboard
Managing your Tweets and Facebook or LinkedIn updates is a breeze with a social media management dashboard application. You can schedule content in advance and get a week’s worth of updates (or more) done and dusted in one short, sharp burst rather than having to fit it in for a few distracting minutes multiple times a day. The most basic dashboard plans are free but it’s often worth purchasing the professional version. The enhanced functionality of the professional dashboard plans includes the ability to produce analytics reports, so you can monitor the impact of your social media campaign and adjust future updates accordingly.

If you have any questions about using content efficiently, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, feel free to browse our website. At Red Cherry, you’ll discover that we like to focus on real issues that are relevant for businesses everywhere – a refreshing change from the usual sales pitch. So, if there are any topics you would like us to cover or questions you would like us to answer, please do let us know – we’d be delighted to share with you more top tips and much, much more…

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SMEs and Google AdWords – How to get started in 6 easy steps!

According to internet giant Google processes over 10 billion searches a day. In order to be successful online it is a ‘must’ to achieve good search engine rankings. This can take time, resource and investment, three things not every SME has. Google AdWords and other online advertisers help to even out the playing field between SMEs and larger competitors by offering online advertising services, in particular Pay Per Click (PPC) services. 

In saying that, nothing that’s easy and research conducted in September 2011 by YouGov highlighted just 18% of SMEs using Google AdWords recoup their investment.  Alarmingly a large percentage of companies didn’t or couldn’t track their Google AdWords budget and therefore didn’t know how much, if any, return they were getting on their investment.

How it works
In essence you select a group of keywords or phrases related to your business, product or service, whatever it is you want to promote. You then group your phrases and create adverts for each. When people search in Google, Google uses a combination of factors and enters those ads it feels are most relevant to the search into an auction. You don’t pay to be a part of the auction, you only pay if your ad is clicked on.

Step 1 – Where to start
Before you consider investing in Google AdWords, take a breath and ask yourself what you want to achieve. Is it brand awareness, a product launch or an event you’re promoting? The other thing to consider before hitting the ‘enable’ button, is how you will measure success or failure? Looking at your company’s goals or marketing plan may give you an idea. There are tools and reports in Google AdWords to help you benchmark.

Step 2 – Research before you start
You must hear the term ‘Research’ time and time again but researching your audience and competition is the fundamental key to your campaign’s success. Without researching it will be very difficult to select the most relevant keywords and in turn difficult to attract your target audience. Just remember Google has a massive customer base enabling you to reach multiple target markets all over the world,  however big or small, specifically targeted campaigns will help to maximise your budget.


  • Research UK Market Trends in your Industry
  • Pinpoint Local and UK Competitors
  • Know who you want to target & their behaviours 

Step 3 – Creating your account and setting your budget
When you create an account one of the first things to do is enter your billing information. Decide your budget! There is no minimum spend so you can set this to suit you. You can set a daily budget so you won’t need to worry about overspending. You can also stop or pause your campaign as and when required. You are in total control of your account so we’d suggest taking a bit of time familiarising yourself with the tools available.

If you would like help setting up an account give the team at Red Cherry a call on 01564 711 220 or send us a message.

Step 4 – Agree suitable keywords to target and create compelling adverts
Keywords are an important part of the process and getting them right should be top priority. Remember to use your research and the tools available within Google AdWords to help you.  Also consider the following:

  • Think like your target audience when creating your keyword list – what would they search on to find you?
  • Group similar keywords together in themes and create campaigns & Ad Groups for each
  • Try to keep to between 5 and 20 keywords per Ad Group
  • Use your keywords as part of your adverts, preferably in the title, and create relevant adverts for each Ad Group

Step 5 – Landing page review
A landing page is the page someone lands on when they click your advert. This is where you really get to engage with the visitor and encourage them to take action. At this point you’ve paid for the visitor to land on your page so it’s worth doing everything you can to keep them there to convert into an opportunity or a sale. If the visitor does not see what they want instantly chances are you will lose them very quickly. If you’ve spent time on your keywords and campaign structure you will acheive better conversion results.

  • First and foremost make sure your landing page is relevant to the Google advert they’ve clicked on
  • Make sure your headline refers to the keywords you’re targeting
  • Provide a clear ‘call to action’ and make it easy for them to complete
  • Use clear and Concise messaging – our attention span is very short

Step 6 – Monitor, review, report & improve
If we think back to the beginning, you now need to know how effective your ads and keywords are when it comes to meeting your business goals.

There are many reports available from Click Through Rates to Cost Per Click. By far the most useful is Conversion tracking; which reports on key actions such as, did they purchase a product, complete your contact form or sign up to a newsletter?

By measuring and monitoring this data you will be able to optimise your campaigns, maximise your budget and calculate a return on your investment.

We hope you found this article useful.  If you have any feedback to help us improve future post please let us know.

If you’re interested in trialing Google AdWords or looking to improve the performance of an existing campaign contact our team of specialist on 01564 711220 TODAY!  We’ll even give you a £75 advertising voucher to get you started.

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Red Cherry Marketing Agency Celebrates its First Year

Red Cherry Marketing Agency Celebrates

Happy 1st Birthday!

‘Bucking the trend’ may be a well-worn phrase but it certainly describes the remarkable success of West Midlands based Red Cherry Marketing as it celebrates its first anniversary. A growing client portfolio and a move to new office premises within just 12 months of starting up is certainly something to shout about.

“We’ve been delighted by the success we’ve enjoyed in our first year,” said Managing Director Rachel Wesson. “While many companies in our sector have struggled in the last year we have clearly found a formula that works well for our clients and continues to generate new work through personal recommendations.

“A key element of this has been our ability to help other small organisations manage their marketing effectively without needing to invest heavily in additional resources. The result is that we grow with our clients to the benefit of all parties,” she continued.

What are other people saying about Red Cherry – find out more!

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